• Andalworks: Solusi IT Inklusif untuk Era Digital Anda

    Temukan solusi IT terintegrasi, internet berkualitas, layanan data center, dan program inovatif untuk mendorong era digital inklusif dan berkelanjutan. #makelifeeasier
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  • Internet Cepat, Harga Hemat! NusaBiz 25 Mbps - Instalasi Gratis!

    Ayo ganti koneksi internet kantor mu. Pakai fiber optik produktivitas meningkat. Kesempatan terbatas. Hanya 5 pelanggan baru hingga akhir bulan Ini.
    NusaBiz 25 Mbps Fiber Optik Internet

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Connectivity & Platform

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Nusasolutions is a premium internet access service tailored to the needs of SMBs and SMEs, offering reliable, affordable, and high-speed connectivity to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. #solusinusa

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Idcolo offers flexible colocation server solutions and dedicated servers in Indonesia, providing SMBs and SMEs with scalable options to minimize their TCO and optimize their IT infrastructure. #diidcolo

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Groovy Internet delivers affordable, reliable, and scalable triple-play services for your home, including Wi-Fi, IPTV, and IP Phone. Designed to support work from home, online learning, gaming, and more, our high-quality coverage is available in selected clusters and apartments. #pakegroovyaja

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Groovy Free Wi-Fi offers complimentary internet access for public spaces like schools, cafes, hotels, and hospitals, enhancing connectivity for all visitors. Our ad-supported model ensures seamless internet access without any cost to users. #FreeWiFi

Content & Community

umkm rakyat cover image
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UMKM Rakyat is a digitalization program dedicated to empowering Indonesia's small and micro-businesses by offering training and digital services, including free websites. Initiated during the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to help these businesses thrive in today's digital landscape. #umkmrakyat

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The Andal Post is a reliable online news source providing the latest updates across various categories, including Indonesia, Asia, World, Business, Life, Sport, Technology, Politics, and Opinion. Stay informed with The Andal Post on multiple platforms, and get your daily news anytime, anywhere with #ditapaja.

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Groovy TV is a YouTube channel offering engaging video content, including news, education, culinary delights, and more. Subscribe to Groovy TV on YouTube and turn on notifications to stay up-to-date with captivating content tailored for your interests. #groovytv

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Hello World Podcast brings you the latest developments in the technology and business industries. Tune in on popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and more to stay informed and inspired by industry experts and thought leaders. #HelloWorld

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Andalworks, a brand of PT. Media Andalan Nusa, offers comprehensive technology solutions, empowering clients with high-quality products, systems, and services, while fostering a sustainable and inclusive digital future.

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