Discover the Andalworks Journey

Established in 2006, PT. Media Andalan Nusa has been providing reliable and high-quality internet access through wireless radio and fiber optic technology in Jakarta and its surrounding areas. In 2019, we introduced Andalworks as our trusted brand, offering comprehensive information technology products, systems, and services throughout Indonesia. Andalworks is a licensed internet service provider (ISP) committed to improving connectivity for a safer, cozier, more successful, and intelligent life.

In addition to internet services, Andalworks has delivered data center solutions such as colocation space and dedicated servers under the idcolo brand since 2006 and home internet services through Groovy Internet since 2019. Due to our dedication to community development, we launched the UMKM Rakyat program in 2020 to provide small businesses with free websites during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our informative Hello World podcast and The Andal Post online news platform keep audiences informed and engaged in the latest technology and business developments.

At Andalworks, we empower clients with high-quality products and comprehensive services tailored to their personal and organizational goals. Our innovative approach and core values of hard work, innovation, speed, integrity, and reliability make us the ideal partner for investors, potential customers, and business partners.

Join Andalworks and discover how we can help you achieve your objectives. Let's create an inclusive, dynamic, and sustainable digital future together. Start your journey with us today because a better tomorrow begins here at Andalworks. #makelifeeasier


  1. To deliver high-quality, reliable, and comprehensive technology solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients, ranging from internet services to data center facilities.
  2. To invest in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure that drives innovation, efficiency, and sustainable growth for our clients and stakeholders.
  3. To cultivate a customer-centric approach, tailoring our products and services to effectively address the unique needs and goals of our clients.
  4. To continuously contribute to community development through initiatives that promote digital literacy, support small businesses, and enhance access to technology across various socio-economic backgrounds.
  5. To foster an inclusive and collaborative work environment that encourages creativity, growth, and the pursuit of excellence among our team members, nurturing a culture of integrity, innovation, and reliability.


To become a leading technology provider in Indonesia, fostering innovation and sustainable growth while transforming the digital landscape for an empowered, connected, and inclusive society.

Andalworks Core Value

At Andalworks, our core values reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence and serve as the foundation for our success in delivering exceptional services to our clients, partners, and stakeholders.


We embrace a culture of accountability that drives continuous growth and improvement. By approaching each task with creativity and ethical consideration, we strive to deliver the best possible service. We believe that accountability can be nurtured over time, shaping the professionalism that distinguishes our team and contributes to our company's success.


As a company that thrives on innovation, we foster an environment that encourages continuous learning and growth. We recognize that each experience is a valuable learning opportunity, and we empower our employees to embrace new knowledge and develop their skills.


Reliability is at the heart of our operations. We understand that each team member plays a vital role in delivering dependable results that add value to our clients. We continuously refine our services and carefully manage our relationships to uphold the trust placed in us.


Our agility enables us to anticipate and adapt to future challenges. By utilizing cutting-edge technology and modern methodologies, we create effective solutions that drive our objectives. Our commitment to innovation inspires us to adopt new approaches and continuously improve.


Loyalty, partnership, and teamwork form the cornerstones of our company culture. We go above and beyond to establish performance-driven partnerships worldwide, empowering teams to seek and deliver the best solutions. We remain steadfast in our loyalty to our clients, prioritizing their needs at every step.

Our core values embody the essence of Andalworks, shaping the way we conduct our business and fostering a strong foundation for sustainable growth and success.

Milestones in Andalworks' Evolution

2006: Foundation of PT. Media Andalan Nusa

Beginnings in Jakarta, providing reliable and high-quality internet access through wireless radio and fiber optic technology with the Nusanet brand.

2006: Launch of idcolo Brand

Offering data center solutions such as colocation space and dedicated servers, along with domain registration, mail and web hosting, and VPS server services through the idcolo brand.

2019: Introduction of Andalworks Brand

Expanding our presence and reputation as a trusted information technology provider throughout Indonesia.

2019: Transition to NusaSolutions

Expanding our service offerings and transforming Nusanet to Nusasolutions to address diverse technology requirements with a comprehensive approach.

2019: Groovy Internet Services

Launch of our home internet services brand, Groovy Internet.

2020: UMKM Rakyat Program

Supporting small businesses with free websites during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020: Hello World Podcast

Informative podcast series highlighting the latest developments in technology and business.

2021: Groovy Free Wi-Fi

Introducing convenient and fast public Wi-Fi service that keeps users connected wherever they are.

2021: Groovy TV

Introducing our YouTube Channel, Groovy TV, featuring a diverse range of engaging video content, including local and international informative programs, for endless entertainment and knowledge sharing.

2022: The Andal Post Online News Platform

Reliable and up-to-date news source in technology, business, lifestyle, sport, health, and politics.

Collaborating with Trusted Partners

Explore our network of distinguished partners who share our commitment to excellence and innovation. Together, we collaborate to deliver exceptional services and solutions for our valued customers.